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Oil-filled isolated pressure sensors

Oil-filled medium isolated pressure sensor, its core sensitive components by the independent research and development of high-performance MEMS pressure sensing chip equipped with bridge amplification and calibration of special integrated circuit conditioning chip. It can be applied to water pressure measurement, oil pressure measurement, all kinds of gas pressure measurement, industrial control equipment, automotive field and all kinds of transmitters, etc. The pressure sensing module is isolated by stainless steel metal diaphragm, which can provide good linear analog output in various media, and is a pressure sensor for civil use and low cost.
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Product description

Product Features.

1、Optional internal integratable P+T scheme.
2, long service life, can withstand millions of pressure shocks.
3, ultra-wide temperature compensation area, the choice of custom materials can achieve -10 ~ 60 ℃ full temperature range of the full range of precision protection.
4, 24V overvoltage protection, 2000VAC withstanding voltage, withstand harsh electrical environment.
5, physical anti-freeze design, with temperature sensing, alarm shutdown protection.


Technical parameters.

Specification Model Pressure Type Pressure range Supply voltage Output Type Full scale output Operating temperature Temperature compensation Comprehensive accuracy Pressure interface With or without NTC
LSPFT08-05 Sealed gauge pressure 0~1MPa..2.5MPa 5V Analog Output 0.5~4.5V -40℃~125℃ Yes ±3% In-line Optional
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