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Thermopile infrared sensor chip

The thermopile infrared sensor of the company is a sensor based on the Seebeck effect principle. The sensitive elements inside the device are composed of multiple groups of thermocouple pairs connected in series. When the sensor receives external infrared radiation, a temperature difference will be formed between the cold and hot ends of the thermocouple, thus generating a voltage signal to reflect the temperature value. Thermopile infrared sensor is composed of thermopile MEMS chip, 5-14um infrared bandpass filter, NTC thermistor and miniaturized TO46 shell package, which can provide accurate voltage output related to external infrared radiation. The infrared sensor of sensitive core thermopile can be applied to the fields of non-contact temperature measurement (forehead temperature gun, ear temperature gun), intelligent temperature sensing and control of household appliances, and air conditioning systems.
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model MSTPT46-600 MSTPT46-700 MSTPT46-D1.1
Chip size(mm*mm) 1.8 1.5 1.1
Size of sensitive area(mm*mm) 1.0 1.0 0.7
Thermocouple resistance RTP(kΩ) 78±10 78±10 110±10
Noise voltage(nV/Hz1/2 35.82 35.82 42.15
Response rate(V/W) 87 87 79
Detection rate(cmHz1/2/W) 2.69*10^8 2.69*10^8 1.3*10^8
Response time(ms) 30 30 12
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