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Disposable sphygmomanometer pressure sensor

A disposable blood pressure monitor pressure sensor that provides an accurate, linearly related voltage output to the external sensed pressure. The product is a sensor specifically designed for disposable medical instruments, especially for invasive blood pressure monitoring (Invasive Blood Pressure Monitor). The product consists of medical industry-standard materials: a disposable injection-molded housing for direct contact with blood, a laser-corrected and calibrated thick-film resistor-attached ceramic substrate, a dielectric isolation gel, and a miniature silicon piezoresistive pressure sensing chip. The miniature silicon piezoresistive pressure sensing chip is manufactured using the world's most advanced all-silicon pressure sensor process, making the sensor chip a world-leading and domestic leader in terms of performance.
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Product description

Product Features:

High precision product output.
Single temperature compensation and output calibration.
Medical grade packaging material.
Compatible with mainstream imported products.


Technical parameters:

Specification Model Package form Size (mm) Pressure Type Pressure range Output Type Operating temperature
LSPML03-01 Ceramic plate load 10.54*8.13*4.17 Gauge Pressure -50~300mmHg Bridge Output -20℃~70℃
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