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Silicon pressure sensors that provide a precise voltage output linearly related to the external sensed pressure. This series of uncompensated sensor devices in a standard package provides the user with the flexibility to design and add subsequent signal processing circuitry. Compensation for temperature and nonlinearity is relatively simple for this series because of the high degree of consistency and repeatability of performance. This is due to Minchip's optimized device design and proprietary sensor processing. This series of products also benefits from the experience and technical advantages that Minerchip has acquired over time in the mass production of MEMS devices. This series of sensor chips are internally isolated from air by a special medium and can be used in humid environments.
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Specification Model Package form Size (mm) Pressure Type Pressure range Output Type Full scale output Operating temperature     Comprehensive accuracy
LSPMN06-GDF DIP-positive 8.5*8.5 Gauge Pressure 350KPa Bridge Output 75mV -40℃~85℃ ±3%
LSPMN06-GSF SMD 7*7 Gauge Pressure 350KPa Bridge Output 75mV -40℃~85℃ ±3%
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