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Electronic cigarette pressure sensor

E-cigarettes do not contain harmful ingredients such as tar and suspended particles, and as people become more health conscious, smoking e-cigarettes is becoming a trend. Moreover, the smoke oil of electronic cigarette can be flavored by adding different ingredients of flavoring agents, and users can choose the flavor of smoke oil according to their preferences.
MEMS Flow sensor
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Product description

Single device based solutions:

1)Single differential pressure sensor to achieve suction detection

2) One side of the device diaphragm contacts the airflow channel, the other side contacts the atmospheric pressure, waterproof and oil-proof

3) Multiple output interfaces: interrupt, frequency, I2C


Product advantages:

1)Low cost: single chip differential pressure detection, more compact design of the whole machine

2)Oil-proof: using the back side air inlet, waterproof and oil-proof

(3) consistency: MEMS micron-level processing, small device variability, and factory calibration test to ensure consistent trigger pressure

Product Model:

Product Name Size (mm) Power consumption (uA) Trigger pressure (Pa) Sensitivity Output method MEMS Type
MSPC01-GDL1 4.0x3.0x1.2 50 - 64 LSB/Pa I2C Piezoresistive
MSPC01-GDL6 2.8x1.9x0.9  3 -100 ~ -300 Pa 1%/100Pa  Interrupt + Frequency Capacitance
MSPC01-GDL7 2.8x1.9x0.9  3 -100 ~ -300 Pa - Interruptions Capacitance
MSPC01-GDMx 4.4x4.0x1.2 3 -100 ~ -300 Pa - LED+atomizer driver Capacitance


Technical parameters:

Parameters Symbols Minimum value Typical values Maximum value Unit Conditions
Supply Voltage VDD 2.4 3.7 5.5 V  
Power supply current IDD   3 5 uA  
On-chip clock frequency fOSC 4 5 6 kHz  
Output high voltage VOH Vdd-0.3     V ILOAD =1mA
Low output voltage VOL     0.3 V ILOAD =1mA
Rise time TR     30 ns  
Descent time TF     30 ns  
Turn on pressure   -300   -100 Pa  
Protection time   15 16 17 s  
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