Career development channel development description:

Vertical development: the company encourages employees to specialize in their own strengths, concentrate on a certain professional technology, grow into a backbone or expert in a certain field through their own efforts, and promote to a higher position in the same position sequence.
Horizontal development: the company respects the actual situation and job interests of employees, and allows employees to make horizontal conversion between different position sequences or sub categories of the same position sequence when they meet the basic job qualification conditions.


We adhere to the principle of "first, then" and strive to appoint people on the basis of merit and use them according to their abilities, so that the wise can do their best in their positions and the capable can do their best in their positions, and continue to empower employees. We encourage talents to experience and flow across multiple positions, functions and regions, and quickly promote and use high potential talents, constantly optimize the matching degree between people and positions, people and teams, people and organizations, and improve the structure and level of the talent team, Maintain the passion and vitality of the organization.

We advocate "value creators first", respect the work of each employee, thank each employee for their dedication, and ensure that outstanding talents receive good returns, constantly stimulate employees' dedication, sense of responsibility and mission, realize the common growth of enterprise value and employee value, and maintain the sustainable development of the company.

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